11 / 11 / 2020
New standards of care for people with mental and behavioral disorders due to opioid use

The order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of November 9, 2020 approved new standards of health care "Mental and behavioral disorders due to opioid use."

Leading organizations in the field of public health, in particular in the field of opioid addiction treatment (Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ukrainian Institute of Public Health Policy (UIPHP}, Alliance for Public Health, etc.) were involved in the development of the new Standard. The UIPHP experts Kostyantyn Dumchev and Sergii Dvoryak took part in the creation of the document.

The Standards include the description of the services for the diagnostics and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders associated with opioid use, acute intoxication, opioid dependence syndrome and withdrawal syndrome.

The updated guidelines focus on best international practices with proven effectiveness and provide for the further development of substitution maintenance therapy programs in Ukraine with guaranteed state support.