18 / 10 / 2019
New publications of the HPTN 074 project results

The UIPHP experts are co-authors of two articles on the results of the HPTN 074 study among injecting drug users in Ukraine, Indonesia and Vietnam which were published in international scientific journals this fall.

The HPTN 074 (HIV Prevention Trial Network) project lasted four years and aimed to study the effectiveness of a new integrated approach to treating HIV-infected injecting drug users and preventing the transmission of the virus to their uninfected injection partners.

Given ethical concerns about research involving people who inject drugs and those affected by HIV, identifying potential participation benefits is important. The article Reported Participation Benefits in International HIV Prevention Research with People Who Inject Drugs” assesses the benefits reported by HPTN 074 study participants.

The article HIV drug resistance in persons who inject drugs enrolled in an HIV prevention trial in Indonesia, Ukraine, and Vietnam: HPTN 074“ focuses on the results of HIV drug resistance studies in people who inject drugs.

Kostyantyn Dumchev, Project Manager of HPTN 074 in Ukraine, Science Director of the Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Policy, is a co-author of both publications.