19 / 06 / 2019
2019 NIDA International Forum

On June 14-17, the Annual International Forum, organized by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), was held in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

The annual NIDA Forum fosters international cooperative research and the exchange of scientific information by drug abuse researchers. The Forum is held each June in conjunction with the annual scientific meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD).

Dr. Carl Latkin (Johns Hopkins University, USA) and Tetiana Kiriazova (Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Policy, Ukraine) together with colleagues presented the results of a qualitative component of the HPTN074 study at the CPDD-2019 meeting.

During the poster session, the researchers presented PWID and provider perspectives on factors influencing MAT uptake among PWID in Ukraine.

Study results highlight a need for support for PWID to initiate and retain in drug treatment. To expand MAT in Ukraine, it is necessary to facilitate access to the MAT program for PWID and to provide informational and motivational support. PWID attitudes to MAT (especially with methadone) indicate the need for social marketing campaigns to counter misconceptions and stigma associated with addiction and MAT among PWID and in community.