Charitable Organization “Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Policy” (UIPHP) is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization. UIPHP was established with the purpose of developing and implementing modern approaches in the field of public health, in particular in the field of prevention HIV/AIDS and drug addiction, as well as the rehabilitation of drug users, including people living with HIV/AIDS.

Vision — We are convinced that building an effective public health system is possible only by using of reliable evidence based and proven facts. That is why our ideology is science, and our main tool is research. We see ourselves as a reliable source of scientific data, as well as the driving force behind the advancement of these data to formulate a public health strategy.

The Mission of the UIPHP is to create a scientific basis for making strategic decisions in the field of public health.

Our values:

  • human life and health;
  • equal and humane attitude towards all members of human society;
  • respect for human rights, in particular the right to quality life and equal access to health care services;
  • scientific approach in solving practical problems;
  • authenticity and reliability of research results;
  • freedom and opportunity for creative self-expression.

Our principles: 

  • adherence to scientific standards, reliability, impartiality;
  • constant professional development;
  • counteracting discrimination; gender equality;
  • transparency and publicity;
  • countering corruption and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Key areas of work:

  • conducting scientific researches;
  • conducting trainings and development of the healthcare system potential;
  • development and analysis of strategic documents and draft laws and regulations;
  • expert assessment of situations, programs, practices, etc.;
  • dissemination of information on best practices in the field of public health, including organization of public events;
  • promotion of development of public health in Ukraine based on European democratic standards.